How to install a theme on self-hosted

1.Go to Appearance > Themes
2.Click “Add New” button
3.Click “Upload Theme” button
4.Click Choose File and select the theme zip file (e.g. from your computer
5.Click “Install Now” button
6.Click Activate theme.

Theme customization

1.Create a child theme (don’t edit the original theme file directly)
2.Customize the theme via child theme

How to Update Theme

1.Back up a copy of existing theme
2.Check changelogs to see what files have been updated and/or removed.
3.Update theme via Auto-Updates or via FTP
4.1.Dashboard > Updates
4.2.Click on Updates
4.3.Choose your theme, select and click Update.

How to create and set up Home Page & Blog Page

Go to Pages – Add New to create a Home Page.
On the right hand side, under Page Attributes box – Template, select drop down Home Template.
Click Publish button.
Repeat the above step to create a Blog Page (no need to select any template).
Go to Settings – Reading
Under front page displays, tick A static page
Select the drop-down menu:
For Front page: choose the Home Page that you’ve created on Part #1.
For Posts page: choose Blog Page that you’ve created on Part #1.
Click save changes when you finish.

How to upload Logo

How to upload Leaderboard

How to upload Header Image

How to activate Header Slider

Go to Slider – Add New
Insert title here
Insert button text
Insert clickable link for the button
Click Set featured image
It will pop-up a media window. You get to choose whether to upload file from computer or use existing image from Media Library. In the sample below, we’re choosing image from Media Library. After select the image, click on Set featured image button.
Click publish button to post the slider.

Set up Left and Right Front Widgets

How to add Testimonials

How to Create a Custom Menu in WordPress

Go to Appearance – Menus
Give your menu a name (to help you remember what it is), and click Create menu button
Select the theme location where you want to display the menu
Note: Menu location can vary depending on the theme. Most CG Feminine Themes come with one menu location, which is at the top. A few CG Feminine Themes come with two menu location.
Next, click Add to Menu button
To rearrange the order of your menu items, simply drag and drop a menu item in the order you want
To create drop-down menus, slightly drag the menu item to the right to “nest” them under the parent item
Click Save Menu button to save your changes

How to Add Category to WordPress Menu

You can easily add Categories to Menu. When readers click on it, it will show only the posts from within a specific category. Here are the steps:
Click Categories tab to expand it
Select the categories you want to add to the menu
Click Add to Menu button
Just like Pages, you can simply drag and drop them to arrange the position on menu.
Click Save Menu button to save your changes

How to Add Custom Link to WordPress Menu

What if you want a menu tab to link to your Etsy shop or another website? No problem, this is when you can use the Custom Link option. Here are the steps:
Click Custom Links tab to expand it
Insert the URL where you want to take someone when they click on it
Insert Link text to specify the tab on the menu
Click Add to Menu button
Click Save Menu button to save your changes

Set up About Me Widget

Setup Social Media

Setup WooCommerce Shop

Install WooCommerce
Go to Plugins → Add New and search for “WooCommerce”.
Click “Install now” on the first plugin in the list and click “Activate plugin”
Click on the button that says “Install WooCommerce Pages” to finish installing WooCommerce.
Basic setup for using WooCommerce with CG Feminine Business Themes

Go to Appearance → Theme Options → WooCommerce Settings
Check to show cart icon the header
Check to display breadcrumb on shop page
Check to remove sidebar on WooCommerce product page
Change number of products displayed per row
Change number of products displayed per page